Friday, October 17, 2008

It worked!

Not sure how I figured it out or what I need to sacrifice to the web gods... But I got this blog to show in my website. I will be shocked to see anyone reply to this or even read it on this site. With all the free blog sites like Myspace and Facebook, Nobody uses real websites anymore that have unique style and expression. I guess its the same as tattoos these days! Nobody has the ability to draw or the taste to get something unique when it comes to a tattoo. Hence why you see tons of loony toons tattoos and tribal bands. Is there a tribe uncreative frat/sorority college kids out there that I don't know about... that are using up the gene pools and the resources? I am surprised we aren't all wearing crocks or flip flops with our polo collars flipped up.

Ok, I vented and went off on a nice tangent long enough. Hope you come back to read more updates in the future. And when I say "you" I can only assume I mean my cat ( named "Kat").
She is my biggest fan! I wish I could win over my standup crowds with a bowl of water, dry food, and a rub on the belly. If only hecklers could be shot down by sraying water bottles in their faces!

My first blog on this site

This is my first post on
This blog will document my standup experiences...The good and the bad.

I hope I figure out how to add this to my site.

Fingers Crossed!