Thursday, May 7, 2009

I made the rookie mistake of getting mad on stage!

I made the rookie mistake of getting mad on stage!

I did it, I admit it! I did dumb thing of getting mad at the crowd last night at Goodnights Comedy Club in Raleigh N.C.
I am no rookie, but last night I was easily sucked back into the rookie mode of getting mad and being mean to the crowd lol

I use to always put myself down in a funny light hearted way when a joke wouldn't go as planned or the crowd missed the was and still to a degree is my defense mechanism. I would get laughs and used it as a way to get the crowd back. But I teetered the line of convincing the crowd I was not funny and the line of making them see I am good at breaking the awkwardness of a joke gone bad. I think you need to find a happy medium between those two worlds...(Breaking the awkwardness and saving a joke).
But last nights crowd was a fickle one. I know, i know you shouldn't blame the crowd!!! but anyone who has ever been on a standup stage has to admit...some nights (very rare nights) you CAN blame them, there are exceptions to that rule and I am sticking to that!!!! no matter what any other of you comics say lol

Last nights crowd picked apart the first 6 comics before me. They ranged from never been on stage to being on stage for a while but hasn't quite found their persona or act yet. The crowd was talkative and vocal about how they felt about your act. Picture the same attitude of "Showtime at The Apollo" but with rednecks! Yee haw!

I got up there and was pretty confident I was going to bring the show back and get them to laugh. The first few jokes were a good indication of my soon to be snowballing anger towards them lol I think my first few jokes are very strong and have been tested over years of doing them...but not to them! They were silent and very good at starring at me.

Them giving me the silent treatment really threw me off and the old stupid defense mechanism reunited with me and took over. I went to a dark place and started to pick out the people who I saw were the root of the talk back heckles. I am usually good at that! but last night I couldn't think of anything witty or funny to come back at them with. I would of done better if I came back with "Oh yeah? Well I am rubber and your glue!". That would of killed next to my witty remarks lol
Well I look at last nights set like this...
If you don't have a set like that every now and again, you will keep all the anger in and let it fester. I think you should do a set that you just throw away and let all your anger out on. I am talking about the type of crowd you have to fake and not let them see you realize your bombing. I know its all part of showbiz to get out there and act like everything is ok when it's going bad...or struggle to get them back. It can be good therapy! and prevent you from finding a nice tower and a bolt action rifle to take out your anger with ;)
I know there will be some of you that will throw the whole U can't blame the crowd rule and the our job is to entertain the crowd at any cost rule!
But I still think you need to get out the demons on a crowd that is not going to make or break our career!

If only Lee Harvey Oswald had an open mic near him!